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    Are you a writer or student with writing chops? Do you own a business and think others would enjoy hearing your hustle story or learning from your business experience? Or are you a freelance writer interested in exploring topics of interest to our readers.

    We at universal cash club will pay you for advice and inspirational content you write for us.

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    Why Choose Universal Cash Club

    Because we are family and family supports each other to gain stability


    Universal cash club Pays for every blogs posted daily. Our payment modes vary depending on the package you choose. Sign up with us today to start earning.


    Sign up today and get interest free loans. You can apply for a loan of upto Ksh.450,000 as a Platinum member.


    We appreciate all referrals and thus we reward every referalls by you when you sign up. You will be given a referall link by Universal cash club which you can share to your friends,family and the world.Share today and be part of the greater future

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    Our Pricing

    Prices to join the club.

    Bronze Account
    Ksh 500

    Once you Sign up for bronze account you will receive one blog daily to write about. This mean you earn about Kshs. 1500 (50*30) a month.

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    Silver Account
    Ksh 2250

    Silver account subscribers are entitled to one blog per day .They earn ksh.125 per blog. Therefore, in a month one earns Kshs. 3750 (125*30) or more. For every person referred, you could make Kshs. 50 from their activity.

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    Gold Account
    Ksh 4500

    Gold users are paid ksh.250 per blog.Therefore, in a month one earns Kshs. 7500 (250*30) or more.

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    Platinum Account
    Ksh 9000

    Platinum account subscribers are entitled to one blog per day .In this package the user is paid Ksh.500 per blog.Therefore, in a month one earns Kshs. 15,000 (500*30) or more.

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